About Us

If there is one Advertising/Event management entity, to credibly manage talent, blend hospitality with service, in an exotic groove of electrifying entertainment, harboring the perfect ambience for sheer pleasure, then Cinevalley walks away with the icing on the piece of cake called entrepreneurial event management.

Cinevalley with its dazzling repertoire offers a wide array of events from organizing star nites, carnivals, drama’s, laser shows, fashion shows, theme parties, celebrity shows, product launches, conferences, road shows exhibitions, advertising for multi national’s and Govt. sector , and high profile events in the hospitality sector, A premiere organization equipped with state of art facilities, Cinevalley has a well knit team of highly committed , experienced professionals to take care of all minute details of organizing your function and making it a grand success providing customer satisfaction and enjoying a good rapport with its clients.

Cinevalley is game for anything that is challenging and meets high standards of excellence in terms of Tran cultural ethos, cross over appeal, spirit of bon-homie and moments of sheer exhilaration.

Cinevalley has been made tailor made to offer very best and animate the contemporary entertainment genre in the main stream market one of the top brass management company in northern India, Cinevalley serves its clients , in all there respected ventures with a thorough professional approach arranging for hip and happening models, famous celebrities, creative fashion designers, innovative garment designers, renowned choreographers, skillful make-up artists and enervating dance troupes from various parts of India and abroad, in short all the people who have carved a niche for themselves.

'Business Excellence Through Speed and Teamwork'

The BEST program we have chosen is to achieve business excellence. It describes a set of methods and tools by which we continuously improve our efforts to achieve our goals. Previous successful initiatives are incorporated in the program to make sure we learn as much as possible from our successes in the past.

Speed and Teamwork

Speed and Teamwork lie at the heart of the best initiative. So, we implement flexible horizontal hierarchies, thus enabling a speedy project delivery. At the same time we are co-dependent on each other and thus place a high value on openness and loyalty to each other as well as to outside partners, which helps to achieve our goals. At Cinevalley Management, a multi-cultural society is not a lofty ideal but an everyday reality. Each and every individual within Cinevalley Management knows that only by fully cooperating with each other and working together, we will be able to perfect our business processes.

That's why we focus on:

  • Working more smartly and thus reducing the cycle-time of process.
  • Working in teams and learning from the best practices of others.

Tools and Approaches

There are several tools and approaches in a company’s initiative. The core tool that is used to assess business maturity and direct improvement is the Cinevalley Management’s Business Excellence. We are dedicated to, what we do. Constant improvement is the focal point in a creative work environment. Therefore, Individual competence is respected and valued. Similarly, teamwork is encouraged. Our work culture recognizes and rewards performance rather than entitlement.

Our Infrastructure

  • High end work station for designing & image manipulation.
  • High end Solvent & Digital printing machines, with total length of Machines are 10 ft and are able to print to Maximum width.
  • High end flat bed scanners.
  • Cold lamination.
  • Routers.
  • Fully equipped fabrication unit manned with efficient & Skilled labor.
  • Team of professional staff.